Mobility is hard - let us help
SafeShare is a peer-to-peer car sharing app that uses the blockchain to keep you and your money safe while leveraging the manufacturer connection on recent model year vehicles to track and enable use without key exchanges.
Prototyped at HackDuke, alpha possibly coming soon...

Why Borrow on SafeShare? 


Use a car only when you need it

Borrow a car from a location near you and pay by the second from a location near you


Low cost

Our completely automated payment, contract, and access management systems keep costs low


Easy to use

Select a car, send Ethereum, and start driving. It's as easy as that

Why Share on SafeShare? 


Let your car make money for you

Just login with your manufacturer, authorize access to your vehicle, and leave it in an accessible place


Unattended operation

We use your vehicle's built-in manufacturer connection to allow people to use your vehicle after you authorize us


Built on the blockchain

We use smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain to execute mathematically provable secure contracts and payment


A simple and efficient way to share mobility, built on the security of the blockchain

Prototyped at HackDuke, alpha possibly coming soon...


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